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Институт повышения квалификации и переподготовки кадров

Дополнительное образование взрослых в области пищевой, перерабатывающей и химической промышленности

Distance learning

The center of distance learning was created on February 25, 2011 for the purpose of development and realization of development of remote educational technologies in training and intended for the fullest providing consumers with modern educational services.

The main objectives of the center is creation of the modern technological, information and analytical and communication environment for implementation and support of educational process with application of remote educational technologies; the organization of educational process with application of remote educational technologies; coordination of work of the faculty on creation of base of educational resources of educational appointment within system of distance learning with application of remote educational technologies; implementation of organizational and methodical and program and technical maintenance of educational process with application of remote educational technologies; formation of base of educational resources of educational appointment within system of distance learning.

One of the main directions in work of the center is the organization of training for specialties of retraining:
1-25 03 75 Accounting and control in the industry;
1-25 04 71 Commercial activity on a commodity market of national consumption.

Specialists of the center developed the computer program for creation of electronic educational and methodical complexes for disciplines (EUMKD) and together with teachers of university are developed by EUMKD on disciplines: bases of ideology of the Belarusian state; national economy; money, credit, banks; legal regulation of economic activity; ethics and psychology of business communication; fundamentals of statistics, finance and financial management, etc. are introduced by EUMKD in educational process of retraining. Possibility of the effective organization of independent work and activization of a role of the trainee belong to advantages of modern complexes in the course of training.

Remote form of education allows, using new information and communication technologies and the Internet, to gain the diploma at the level of the higher education of the state sample without separation from a work and place of residence place.

The system of distance learning with use of a modern Internet platform allows you being in a virtual class to listen to lectures with the maximum approach to real occupations, to see work of studied programs and to trace extent of assimilation of a material. Webinars (webinars) imitate effect of your presence at audience, you can ask the question to the lecturer orally or in writing (in a chat). There is an opportunity to receive messages on the air, to participate in discussion, to answer questions of the lecturer, to communicate with other participants of a course, to include video translation.

How will pass distance learning?

After you will submit necessary documents, sign the contract for training and you will become the listener Professional Development Institute, it is necessary to you a short internal 1-2-day course on which you will study the course program, access order on an educational site, receive login and the password, you will get acquainted with training structure, order of examination and offsets which will take place in a form of the essay or electronic testing. As well as each listener, at you will have the educational schedule.

In the evening, according to the schedule available for you, you visit the website of the center of distance learning, you look through lecture in real time (online).

After successful passing of all course delivery of state exam in the specialty internally is necessary to you. To the persons who have successfully passed the state examination, the diploma about retraining at the level of the higher education of the state sample with qualification assignment is issued.

Requirements: existence of the computer connected to the Internet; font (earphones and microphone); the registered address (e-mail), knowledge of the computer at the level of the user.

Advantages of distance learning are invaluable and convenient for each working expert. In the course of training teachers and the experts who have achieved success in professional area work with you.

Information for the arriving

The arriving submit the following documents to a selection committee:
-the statement addressed to the director of Institute of Professional Development
-copies of the document on the higher education with an extract of estimates in subjects;
-the passport copy (30–32 I erased);
-3 photos of 3х4 in size.

Documents can be submitted personally, by mail, by e-mail: ipk@mgup.by.

The students of older years arriving in Institute of Professional Development file personally following documents:
-the statement of the established sample addressed to the director of Institute of  Professional Development
-the written permission of the rector of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION in which the student, with the indication of a course is trained;
-3 photos of 3х4 in size.

The passport or other identity card issued by bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is shown by the entrant personally.

Transfer on the chosen specialties is carried out to structure of listeners on the basis of the conclusion of the contract with legal and (or) natural persons.

If you had questions – call us!

Chief of the center of distance learning Galdova Marina +375 222 63-92-70, +37529 745-58-43

Leading engineer programmer Strigotsky Alexander +375222 63-92-70